How to Use Our Tonics

Extremely Alive complete tonic range with all sizes.

Our wellness tonics are extremely alive and are like the swiss army knife of beverages. They can be sipped as a shot, used to make delicious spritzers (switchels), mocktails, cocktails and salad dressings, or fed with sweet tea to create an unlimited supply of your own home-brewed kombucha.

Sipped as a Shot

Extremely Alive Wellness Tonics combine the earthy flavours of roots and mushrooms, the sweet floral flavours of flowers and fruits, and the tang of fermented tea to titillate your taste buds, intrigue your brain and stimulate your cells. Take a tonic shot first thing in the morning, before meals, or anytime you want a flavour-packed boost of beneficial microbes. As soon as you sip an undiluted tonic you will feel its effects. Your taste buds expand, your lazy digestive acids awaken to a new burst of inspiration and activation, and your gut flora celebrate a welcome payload of probiotic playmates.

Spritzers (Switchels)

Extremely Alive Wellness Tonics can be added to still or sparkling water to create a living probiotic spritzer that can be drunk continuously throughout the day. Vinegar-flavoured drinks or switchels, have been used since biblical times and are the original energy drink. Switchels were enjoyed by Roman soldiers, British Sailors and New England farmers who drank ‘Haymaker’s Punch’ for its restorative properties. Simply add around 40ml (one of our Tonic jars) to your water bottle with or without a dash of sweetness to create a living probiotic spritzer than will quench your thirst, hydrate your cells and uplift your biome.

Mocktails or Cocktails

Extremely Alive Wellness Tonics are at home behind any bar and mix well with fruit juice, sweet teas, cordials or your favourite mixer to make delicious mocktails. They can even be used to redeem soft drink or cask wine and the complex flavour combinations and feisty tang provide a sophisticated sonata for your palate that supersedes the need for alcohol.

If you prefer life on the tipy side, try adding a dash of tonic to spirits such a gin, vodka or tequila to add an extra dimension to your favourite cocktail that will uplift your drinking experience and let you detox while you retox.

Salad Dressing

Extremely Alive Wellness Tonics make a great addition to any salad. Splash Detox and Cleanse over salad greens, summer veggies and roasted seeds to make a detoxifying summer salad, or enliven your cooking with Gut Balance and its refreshing burst of wild harvested bush river mint. The Flu Shot adds a bitter punch that will balance the sweetness of root vegetables, while Happy and Horny will add a festive flirt to your cooking and leave lingering flavours that tantalise your tastebud, expand your gastronomic horizons and bring comfort and joy to your gut flora.

Starter Culture

We believe wellness can be just as contagious as illness and you don’t need to buy drinks laden with chemicals or rely on pharmaceuticals to be healthy. Our tonics allow you to brew your own medicine and create a culture of wellness that will infect the world with good health.

Each Extremely Alive Wellness Tonic is a living SCOBY (Symbiotic Colony Of Bacteria & Yeast) that can start a brew yielding unlimited amounts of kombucha. Simply dilute our tonics with sweetened tea in a 1:5 ratio and leave it in a warm, well-ventilated place for around a week. Once it has a pleasant tartness and effervescence you can refrigerate it to stop the fermentation and drink it at your leisure, or you can keep it fermenting until it turns to vinegar. You can then repeat the process to make an unlimited brew you can share with family and friends.

Using the best quality water and ingredients you can will make a big difference to the end product. You can purchase fermenters, organic sugar and tea from and you can purchase a Beautiful Water System that creates water that is filtered, structured, balanced and blessed and free flowing from