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This potent mix of herbs and fantastic fungi is like fire-ants crawling through your brain, or a super shot of coffee without the jitters or come down. Turn your narrow neural pathways into cognitive super-highways. Great thinking!

Available in 40ml jars, 375ml bottles or 750ml bottles.

20ml equals one suggested serve.

Each Extremely Alive Wellness Tonic is a LIVING, SCOBY (Symbiotic Colony Of Bacteria & Yeast) that will create an unlimited amount of kombucha if you feed it sweet tea.

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Living Kombucha Vinegar (fermented from Pure Daylesford spring water, sugar, green tea, oolong tea and kombucha culture), Ashwaganda, Passionflower, Brahmi, Orange Peel, Frankincense, Turmeric, Lions Mane, Black Pepper, Turkey Tail and Maitake.

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40ml Jar, 40ml Jar 5 Pack, 375ml Bottle, 750ml Bottle


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