About Extremely Alive

Extremely Alive Tonics are science-backed herb-based living wellness tonics brought to you by a wellness professor and a kombucha ecopreneur. Our mission is to supply you with the perfect Synergy of Eastern and Western medicine in the form of activated and living wellness shots. We incorporate ancient brewing techniques, healthy organic herbs/teas and cutting-edge gut biome research to create living medicinal probiotic tonics, powerful simple solutions for health.

These products are Extremely ALIVE and will make you feel the same!

Extremely Alive Is Brought to You By

Dean O’Callaghan

Dean O’Callaghan (aka Deano Goodbrew) is an ecopreneur and CEO and Abundance Generator for The Good Brew Company, which specialises in the sustainable brewing of living probiotic beverages using solar power, spring water and certified organic ingredients. Deano has a double degree in Computer Science and Systems Engineering and has been involved in IT-based social enterprises in Germany and Australia. Deano’s brewing ventures began when his Dad bought a craft beer brewery in the Yarra Valley and continued in the alternative festival scene where he sold ‘magic tea’ kombucha and jun from a modified tricycle. He has also run for office at Local, State and Federal Levels. Find him at www.goodbrew.com.au and www.extremelyalive.com.au.

Dr Marc

Dr Marc is a medical doctor, university professor and wellness trailblazer who is on a mission to realise worldwide wellness and bathe the world in beautiful water. Marc has a medical degree and 2 PhDs and has spent more than 30 years practising and researching holistic health. He has published more than 100 peer-reviewed scientific papers and many books and technical texts on wellness and natural medicine including the landmark texts “Herbs and Natural Supplements an Evidenced Based Guide”. He is the Founder of the Extreme Wellness Institute and Co-Founder of the Bathe the World Foundation. You can find him at www.drmarc.co and www.extremewellness.co.

Together they are extremely excited about holistic living and thinking projects and products, and Extremely Alive tonics is their next vehicle for changing the world!

Let our Extremely Alive Elixirs transport you to a place of cellular synchronicity and biological bliss.

If you want to feel invincible, become happy and horny, have microbial maids do your cellular housekeeping, or simply want to reboot your fun factory and turn your narrow neural pathways into cognitive superhighways,
then we have the tonics for you!

Is your concentration lagging, your attention scattered or your memory missing a beat?


This potent mix of herbs and fantastic fungi is like fire-ants crawling through your brain, or a super shot of coffee without the jitters or come down. Turn your narrow neural pathways into cognitive super-highways. Great thinking!

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Got sly snot in your sinus, a sneaky tickle in your throat, or an ominous foreboding of fever?


This potent potion of punchy bitterness will send them all packing. Souped-up microbial superpowers will fortify your defences, recharge your cellular foot-soldiers and shield you from whatever’s bugging you, leaving you feeling invincible.

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Are radicals running riot with your chemistry? Has binging burdened your body with crud?


This awesome blend of adaptogens is a rehab program for your cells that will tackle your toxic load into submission. Have our microbial maids attend to your cellular housekeeping and let your life force flow free.

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Has your mojo gone missing? Are you feeling down in the dumps?


Put the zing back into your zinger, and the spring back in your step with this frisky mix of botanicals that will reboot your fun factory and have you buzzing through the day and purring through the night.

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Is your tummy feeling funny? Have your guts got the gripes?


This biome balancing-act will supply your inner ecology with a botanical blend of pre-biotic goodness and powerful microbial friends that will calm your digestive dissonance and stoke your inner fire into a state of cellular synchronicity and biological bliss.

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Are prickles making mischief with your membranes? Are you worried about spikes perforating your proteins?

Protect Spikey Tea tonic in a 40ml glass jar.


This potent blend of plant-powered protection is like a puncture repair kit for your cells that will cushion your corpuscles, soothe your synapses, and bring back your bounce.

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We are creating a culture of wellness.

Our products are literally alive and can keep generating goodness forever.